Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

1. Applicability
The following general terms & conditions apply to all shipments from T&T music to consumers.

2. Contract Partners
The sales contract is made with T&T music, owner: Janos Toth, Alzeyerstr. 190, DE-67549 Worms.

3. Offer and Close of Contract
3.1 The display of products in the online shop does not constitute a legally binding offer, but a request to order. Errors excepted.
3.2 By clicking the button [Order] you are placing a legally binding order for the goods displayed on the order page. The purchase contract is materialized with our acceptance of your order with an e-mail order confirmation immediately following the receipt of your order.

4. Cancellation Right
Notice of Cancellation Right

Cancellation Right

You are entitled to withdraw from the contract within two weeks without explanation in written form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by return of goods. The time limit starts no sooner than with the receipt of goods and a detailed written notice of the right to cancel. The timely sending of the cancellation or goods is sufficient to protect the cancellation right. Please address your cancellation to:

T&T music
Janos Toth
Alzeyerstr. 190
DE-67549 Worms
eMail: stix@artbeat-stix.com

Consequences of Cancellation

In the event of an effective cancellation, the services received by both parties must be returned along with any benefits of use (e.g. interest). In the event you are unable to return services in full or part, or only in a deteriorated condition, the value must be compensated.

This does not apply to surrender of goods if the deterioration of goods is solely due to their inspection – as would have been possible in a retail store.

Further, you may avoid the obligation of compensation of value by not using the item as the actual owner and omitting any actions which could affect the value. Goods suitable for parcel post should be returned. Goods not suitable for parcel post will be picked up from your location.

The return shipment charges are your responsibility if the goods shipped match with the goods described and the price of the goods returned does not exceed 40 Euro, or for higher priced items, if you have not provided your return service or a contractual partial payment had not yet been made at the time of cancellation. Otherwise, the return shipment is free of charge to you.

Any obligations for the reimbursement of payments must be made by you within 30 days after your declaration of cancellation has been mailed.

End of Cancellation Notice

5. Pricing and Shipping Charges
5.1 The prices listed in the product pages include legal VAT and other pricing components.
5.2 In addition to the prices listed, we assess shipping charges. The shipping charges are clearly listed in the product pages, the shopping cart and in the order page.

6. Shipment
6.1 The delivery time is typically 3-5 business days. Any deviations in delivery time are declared in the respective product page.
6.2 In the event the product ordered is not available for shipment in time due to delays from our suppliers, we will contact you immediately. In such event, you have the option to wait for the product ordered or to cancel the order. In the event of cancellation, any return services are refunded immediately.

6.3 International Shipments:
Shipments locations outside of Europe are subject to additional duties and fees.
and for Switzerland in particular under:

7. Payment
7.1 Payment may be made by prepayment, paypal.
7.2 When prepayment is selected, you will receive our banking information in the order confirmation, and goods are shipped upon receipt of payment.

8. Retention of Title
The goods remain our property until payment has been made in full.

9. Warranty
Warranties are made pursuant to legal requirements.